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LAVA Exhibits at the Cultural Animation Film Festival 2017

Academy for Creative Media students (Kari Noe, Andrew Guagliardo, Kurt Noe), ICS student (Anna Sikkink), and Learning Technology students (Patrick Karjala, Dean Lodes) demonstrated two virtual reality projects (Kilo Hoku and How Maui Snared the Sun) at the 2017 Cultural Animation Film Festival at the Honolulu Museum of Art.

How Maui Snared the Sun is a VR telling of the well known Polynesian myth of how Maui slowed down the sun in order to give the world more daylight. The work was developed by double ICS and ACM major Andrew Guagliardo, and ICS major Anna Sikkink.

The projects were created as part of the ICS department’s Virtual and Augmented Reality course taught by Professor Jason Leigh, Director of the Laboratory for Advanced Visualization and Applications (LAVA). Hardware and software for the show was co-sponsored by LAVA, the Academy for Creative Media System, and University of Hawaii’s Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program.

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