Create(x) is a living laboratory for students to showcase their works at the intersection of creative media, computation, culture, art and science at the University of Hawaiʻi at West Oʻahu.


It is co-led by Professor Jason Leigh, and Kari Noe of the Laboratory for Advanced Visualization and Applications (LAVA), and is jointly funded by the Academy for Creative Media System, and the National Science Foundation

Current Projects


Wao Kiʻi 

Developing Logic and Language skills through an Immersive Hawaiian Forest

Wao Ki'i (fig. realm of images) allows users to populate Hawaiian forests through a visual interface inspired from visual programming.

Through the programming and implementation of flora, fauna, and weather events; users will learn basic Hawaiian vocabulary through relations between the programming tiles and the their effects on the environment.


Dev Team: Kari Noe, Nurit Kirshenbaum, Ben Malohi, Kaila Foltz, Ronnie Kauanoe


For more information contact: Kari Noe

The Energy Table

Beginning the Dialog of 100% Renewable Energy for Hawaiʻi

The Energy Table shows three ways of moving Hawaiʻi to 100% renewable by 2045, and the tradeoffs that need to be made with respect to land use.

This project was developed by the Laboratory for Advanced Visualization & Applications (LAVA) and funded in part by the Hawaiian Electric Company, Hawaiʻi State Energy Office, and the National Science Foundation.


Dev Team: Ryan Theriot, James Hutchison, III, Eva Teresa Morales Perez


For more information contact: Jason Leigh –

The Third Waʻa

The call for new ways of educating future generations to be competent navigators and stewards for our Earth has been heard.

The Third Waʻa is a collaboration- it is the creation of a program of activities to archive the historical knowledge, wisdom, and philosophy of PVS, and share it virtually to train future generations to be skilled navigators for our planet. The major thrusts of the collaboration will be:


1. To create a state-of-the-art digital archive of the vast technical, social, cultural, linguistic, and historical knowledge of non-instrument navigation.


2. To innovate the ways in which this digital archive can assist in building and educating

community through emerging media technologies.


3. To disseminate this knowledge worldwide to foster the development of globally minded

problem solvers.


4. To translate this experience into new research, innovation and education methodologies

grounded in Indigenous thought, so that we may navigate our planet towards scientific

advances that lead to more equitable futures for all.


Create(x) will be supporting the Polynesian Voyaging Society in their interests in using Extended Reality (XR) technologies to document and share their stories and knowledge.


For more information contact: Jason Leigh –