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2015 Creativity Workshop

The Laboratory for Advanced Visualization and Applications (LAVA) hosted a Creativity workshop attended by graduate and undergraduate students from Information and Computer Sciences, Electrical Engineering, and Academy for Creative Media. The event was held on a farm in Kaneohe, Hawaiʻi.

The goal of the workshop was to supplement the technical knowledge students receive from their regular university curriculum with activities that provide an appreciation for the environment in which they live, and how it contributes to the processes which are necessary for creative ideation to flourish.

“From the outside looking in, technical fields such as Computer Science or Electrical Engineering are not often seen as creative areas of study. In fact they are, but we rarely teach creativity within their core curriculum. That is the purpose of the workshop, and we hope to run more workshops in the future and involve even more students and faculty from other disciplines.” says Professor Jason Leigh, director of LAVA.

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