Kilo Hōkū

E komo mai! Kilo Hōkū is a virtual reality simulation that allows you to experience contemporary Hawaiian non-instrument navigation techniques and sail across the open ocean aboard the Hōkūleʻa, a wa‘a kaulua (a Hawaiian double-hulled sailing canoe) within a virtual environment. Users can learn about the basics of modern Hawaiian wayfinding, which is the cultural practice of navigating across the open ocean to a destination without the use of maps or modern navigation instruments. By developing the simulation, we aimed to assist in the education of the celestial navigation portion of modern Hawaiian wayfinding knowledge, and to help educate future generations of navigators.

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Development Team

Patrick Karjala

MS Computer Science

Kari Noe

MS Computer Science

Anna Sikkink

MS Computer Science

Dean Lodes

PhD Communication & Information Science