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Chinese Officials Train in Data Visualization as Part of Executive IT Program in Mānoa

The Laboratory for Advanced Visualization and Applications delivered a day-long tutorial on data visualization to 24 participants from the China Guangdong Department of Human Resource and Social Security who attended as part of the World Bank sponsored executive IT Program on “Best Practices for Implementing Integrated Information Systems.”

The program, which began in 2014, aims to train IT administrators to build state-of-the-art social protection systems in China to help migrant workers from inner provinces more easily access their social benefits such as health, disability and unemployment benefits from their home provinces. The program is jointly offered by UH Mānoa’s Shidler College of Business Executive Education Center and the Information and Computer Sciences Department.

In the tutorial professor Jason Leigh and his students David Wang, and Eric Wu also gave demonstrations on the latest advances in big data visualization, which included, SAGE2- the Scalable Amplified Group Environment- a software system for facilitating data-rich collaboration on scalable display environments. SAGE2 ran on the laboratory’s CyberCANOE (the Cyber-enabled Collaboration Analysis, Navigation and Observation Environment).

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